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Aria Studios launches in North Wales

Aria Studios launched today in North Wales, expanding the production energy even further in the region. Established by Rondo Media and S4C Digital Media Limited, The Location Guide had the opportunity to speak with Rondo Media's Chief Executive Officer Gareth Williams on the launch of the new studio facility, what filmmakers can look forward to and why North Wales was the perfect choice.



Wales is no stranger to being a prime destination for filming opportunities. Attracting both international and local productions alike, the region has seen the arrival of critically acclaimed projects such as His Dark Materials and Doctor Who. Known for its awe-worthy landscapes, Wales is also brimming with state of the art studio spaces that offer high quality facilities and guidance on shooting in the region. Ensuring that no area goes untapped for its talent and offerings to the production world, Aria Studios is venturing to the North of Wales to brings the energy to a more unassuming but equally intriguing area.



“North Wales has the most epic and breathtaking scenery – landscape, coastline, mountains, quarries, castles, coves, caves… - the perfect filming locations, from period to contemporary dramas to futuristic fantasy films and series,” commented Williams as we asked him why North Wales was the choice for construction.  “It has a wealth of production and technical expertise too, and people who are passionate supporters of the creative industries. And now, it also has a new film and television studio.”



Located on the doorstep of Eyri (formerly known as Snowdonia), the 20,000 sq ft facility, which secured its funding in July 2022, will feature 16,000 sq ft of fully soundproofed film and televison studios space. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Aria does not disregard its situation amongst the natural offerings of its home. Therefore, the studios ensure that opportunities are available for visitors to take advantage of filming both on and off site.



“An in-depth knowledge of locations, accommodation, suppliers and technicians,” is what Williams said would be on offer for newcomers discovering the area as well as the new studio space.  “Also key local authority personnel to enable filming to be as cost effective, coupled with the outstanding Aria Studio facility and compound immersed with knowledgeable drama producers willing to help out wherever possible.



Supported by the Welsh Government through Creative Wales, Aria Studios will take into consideration the need for a thoroughly developed workforce, establishing the Aria Training Academy which will contribute to the facility’s commitment to building the region of North Wales. Working alongside Bangor University, the University of South Wales, Screen Alliance Wales and other training providers, the studios launch will see the offering of more job opportunities for those seeking an entry way into the world of production and the creative audiovisual sector.



Williams concluded: “No other high-end filming studio in the UK is situated in as close a proximity to an area of outstanding natural beauty, incorporating hundreds of miles of coastline, mountains and a national park, quarries, mines, castles, coves and caves.”


Images courtesy of Aria Studios


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