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Sharper brings a complex con-artist story to Apple TV+

Apple Originals and A24 created Sharper is set to be released for streaming on 17 February. The neo-noir thriller, set amongst the New York City sights, follows the unravelling of secrets and lies as the characters stop at nothing for riches. Starring Julianna Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow, Justice Smith and Briana Middleton, the project is directed by Benjamin Caron.



Hoping to keep audiences guessing until the very end, Sharper aims to take viewers on a complex journey exploring greed, ambition and an insatiable jealousy. Whilst criminal activity floods the trailer, and devious antics are displayed by almost every character in the teaser trailer for the new show, the story line has an alternate focus on the intricacies of the characters themselves as they navigate their lives in the sinister world they have entered into and the chaos they have created. From gold-digging tendencies to a scornful son, the familial element of the show, and the relationships, add a different dimension to how the actions of the characters are justified.



Filming in New York to capture three seasons, the film captures all the elements of the city, with scenes depicting romantic walks through central park in a Nora Efron-esque fashion, to the more frosty scenes in the pretentiously ornate skyscrapers with their history of a past New York. Caron told Empire,  “I wanted to use seasons to kind of convey a tone and feeling. When we meet Tom and Sandra, it’s springtime in New York, a kind of classically romantic season and a perfect time to fall in love.”



Casting includes John Lithgow playing wealthy business man Richard Hobbes, Julianne Moore who plays his money hungry wife Madeline, Sebastian Stan who plays Max and Justice Smith as Tom, Hobbes sons, and Briana Middleton as Sandra, an unassuming romantic interest with a secret. The film is produced by Jessica Switch and Erik Feig of Picturestart along with Julianne Moore, Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, and written by Gatewood and Tanaka. Julia Hammer and Amy Herman serve as executive producers.


Images courtesy of Apple Originals 


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