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The possibilities are endless in Netflix’s newest heist drama Kaleidoscope

On New Year’s Day, Netflix released their newest heist drama Kaleidoscope. Designed that you can watch the episodes in any order you want, creator Eric Garcia makes the possibilities endless for audiences, giving each viewer an individualised experience; that is if you don’t follow the many advised orders that are sweeping the internet right now. With the colour coded episode names giving no clues, all that is left is to do is get over the anxiety of choosing which path to take and enter the mysterious journey.



With the promise of 40,320 ways to watch the show, the possibilities are truly seemingly endless, even with the binge watching culture that streaming services have facilitated. With just eight episodes, nothing is stopping audiences from experiencing multiple interpretations of the show. You can either opt for Netflix's suggested randomised viewing order which suggests you finish with white, or you can make the choice all on your own, making the experience unique for you.


“It’s loosely based on  something that might have happened,” Garcia tells Tudum. “After Hurricane Sandy, $70 billion worth of bonds got flooded in the basement of the DTCC, which is a large clearing effort that’s owned by a bunch of the big banks. To my mind, I was like, ‘Well, that’s a perfect coverup for a heist!’ ”


Following a crew of highly skilled thieves who mange to break into an extremely secure vault, the show spans a period of 25 years leading up to this moment. Piecing together the pieces of the story as they go along, viewers are able to see the moments that result in the final moments of the show, including their battles with the world’s most powerful corporate security team and the FBI.



“When you watch Kaleidoscope, all the information is there to be able to connect the dots and know the story,” adds executive producer Russell Fine, who also directed two episodes of the show.


“Being able to move around and watch different orders gives you a different viewpoint on the characters. There are questions that are going to be asked in one episode that are answered in another episode,” says Garcia. “Similarly, there'll be answers in an episode that you're watching that you don't even know are answers to something until you see the question when you watch another episode.”


The series stars School Daze and Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito, alongside Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, Peter Mark Kendall, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Niousha Noor, Jordan Mendoza, Soojeong Son and Hemky Madera.

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