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Advertorial: Producers, investors and administrations meet at the 'Madrid and the Future of the audiovisual sector' conference

'Madrid and the future of the audiovisual sector', a conference organised last week by the Madrid Open City association, in collaboration with the City Council and the Community of Madrid, brought together producers, associations, investors and administrations involved in the Spanish audiovisual sector in Madrid. During the conference, different round tables addressed the challenges that Madrid’s audiovisual sector faces regarding the production, financing and distribution of content for the international market.



During the round table dedicated to 'Madrid as a pole of attraction for filming', Fernando Victoria de Lecea, President of PROFILM, highlighted that working in a production centre like Madrid saves a lot of costs, and that “Spain was one of the first countries to open up to filming after Covid, which, added to the parallel improvement in tax incentives in May 2020, put Spain on the international map”. Security (which can mean an additional cost in other countries), the versatility of its locations and landscapes, and the experience of the technicians, actors and suppliers are some of the strengths of Madrid that the participants emphasised.


The panel 'Audiovisual production in Madrid', moderated by Raúl Torquemada, director of the Madrid Film Office, reflected upon the region as a production centre in Europe. Ignacio Corrales, General Director of Buendía Estudios, pointed out that the strengths are evident: “Madrid has a wealth of infrasturucture in terms of connectivity and telecommunications. From an industry standpoint, a lot of the creative community is here, the service companies are here. If you add some institutions that support and collaborate, it gives you a very attractive ecosystem”.



Nicolás Matji, Animation Producer of Lightbox Animation Studios and President of Diboos, stated that Spanish animation and VFx have tremendously reputable professionals, and that “in addition to the production of audiovisual content, investing in animation and VFx in Madrid has other derivatives that generate business and industrial growth, as all the I+D developed for each project”.


“Now we have development aids in which we compete much more,” added Marisa Fernández Amenteros, Producer at Buena Pinta Media. “The good thing about Madrid’s subventions is that they are very flexible: you can work with talent from other places, which helps to make synergies and co-productions”.


The day was completed with a table dedicated to financing, where the advances of the administrations in terms of aid were valued, and another dedicated to distribution and exhibition, where the participantes highlighted the importance of seeking a balance between maximizing the benefit in box office and taking advantage of the investment in promotion, as well as its relevance for its subsequent release on platforms.



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