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Anna Valley and Garden Studios open new virtual production studio

A new virtual production studio is coming to central London from the partnership between Anna Valley and Green Studios. The entertainment technology company is set to bring an over 150 sq metre volume and supporting crew along with technology to the Green Studios’ London based facility. This announcement, made yesterday, follows the companies’ collaboration on the recent SMPTE Virtual Production Showcase that was held at Garden Studios and featured an LED volume by Anna Valley.


“Virtual production is an integral part of our technology-enabled strategy where we use emergent technologies to facilitate efficient film production,” says Garden Studios’ head of virtual production, Mark Pilborough-Skinner “The Anna Valley partnership is the amalgamation of a world-class supplier and an established studio operator, our goals are clearly aligned, and this allows us to provide a state-of-the-art facility to production.  It really is a win-win.”


At the beginning of this month, Anna Valley constructed a 26x4.5m ROE BPV2 semicircular volume in a 7750-square foot at the Garden Studios Park Royal site. Anna Valley is one of the foremost providers in cinematic LED and processing technology and services with an extensive inventory of ROE’s Black Pearl BPV2 LED panels.


Image courtesy of Anna Valley and Garden Studios


This state of the art technology is best facilitated by the infrastructure of Garden Studios which offers five stage measuring in at 48,000 sq feet. The shoot at this site has already been completed with a hope from both companies that future projects will see the potential of incorporating traditional filmmaking and virtual production.


Garden Studios is no stranger to virtual production, delivering over 80 productions on their 12x4 metre virtual production stage which has the ability to be extended to an 18x4 metre space. This newly established virtual production space is configured in a way that makes it suitable for the majority of dram and car scenes in  the most efficient way, avoiding time-consuming custom builds.


“Garden Studios is the ideal virtual production partner for Anna Valley,” says Anna Valley’s director of virtual production, Christina Nowak. “From the moment we started working together on the SMPTE Virtual Production Showcase the synergies between the companies and the opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership became obvious.  But, more importantly, we believe that this partnership provides a world-class virtual production facility for the filmmaking community.”


“We are very proud to partner with Anna Valley to step up the ambition at Garden Studios and to welcome more virtual production projects,” says Thomas Hoegh, founder and CEO of Garden Studios. “With this partnership, we can serve larger productions and refine our expertise to serve a full range of solutions and drive forward the creative palette.”


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