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New Twilight series in Early Development with Lionsgate Television

18 years after the Bella, Jacob and Edward love triangle entered the lives of many fantasy novel lovers,  and 15 years after their screen counterparts had teens conflicted across the world, Twilight is returning. Early development via Lionsgate Television has been announced on a series inspired by the Stephanie Meyer book series that brought the vampire versus werewolf trope to 2010's pop culture stardom.


Catapulting careers, creating worldwide pandemonium and today being credited for many meme-worthy moments, the Twilight saga was a cultural reset for young audiences. The book adaptation gave reading fans the opportunity to see their favourite characters come to life across five movies. Now, the recently announced early developments of a series version is resurging that same excitement. Presumably the serialised format will offer a more in depth exploration of the characters and making way for more recognition for missed moments from the novels that couldn’t fit into the film time restraints.


Image courtesy of Lionsgate

In its early days, as first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, there has been no confirmation of any broadcast providers, dates or casting choices, but it has been reported that Wyck Godfrey, who has been credited for working on the Twilight film predecessors, and Lionsgate former co-president Erik Feig will potentially join as executive producers for the project. Involved in bringing her characters to life for the popular film franchise, it is expected that Meyers will also come on board in some capacity for the series.


Grossing over USD 3 billion worldwide during its reign, the Twilight franchise is a cultural phenomenon of the 2010’s, and its series announcement comes in the midst of a rebirth of other project form that same period. With the new Hunger Games movie coming to Netflix and Warner Bros announcing a Harry Potter TV series, new Lord of the Rings and The Big Bang Theory spin-off, dormant fandoms are awakening once again. But with some taking to social media less than pleased at the revival, could the past better laid to rest or will the battle of Edward versus Jacob arise again?


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