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Advertorial: Bring your vision to reality with VUFINDER STUDIOS – a virtual production studio in Poland

Welcome to VUFINDER STUDIOS! We are the perfect Virtual Production studio providing full-service solutions for both virtual and traditional production located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland.



Virtual production is a cutting-edge filming technique that surpasses traditional methods like back projection or green screen. Digital backgrounds are created in advance as a 3D world and displayed on the LED walls at VUFINDER STUDIOS. Virtual environments, created using the Unreal Engine, help production teams with capturing visual effects in-camera. Thanks to that, you can watch an almost finished scene or a whole film by the end of the shooting day.


VUFINDER STUDIOS recognises that each project is distinct, and therefore, we provide a variety of adaptable virtual production options. Our LED screens are entirely modular and can be adjusted to fit any form or measurement. Our LED screen boasts the highest possible resolution - the ROE Black Pearl2 V2, covering an area of 160 sqm. The wall is permanently located in a 600 sqm studio.



From concept to completion, we will work with you every step of the way to bring your unique vision to life. Our in-house crew of Unreal 3D Artists will design the virtual environment to meet your specific requirements. We can virtually create museums, deserts, the planet Mars, amusement parks and anything you can imagine.


If you're looking to take your virtual production to the next level, look no further than VUFINDER STUDIOS. Let’s meet at Cannes Film Festival or contact us to learn more.



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