Written by Kianna Best on May 16, 2023. Posted in Production News

Nike and Grenfell Athletic FC team up for Dream Carriers campaign

In a heart-warming display of innocence and optimism, creative agency Brothers and Sisters through Electric Studios capture the dreams of the young people from the estate surrounding Grenfell tower. With a voice over from UK rapper AJ Tracy and scrapbook style animations, the short film titled Dream Carriers features a Grenfell Athletics FC shirt that will contribute to supporting young people in the Grenfell community through its sales.


From wanting to buy their mum a dream house, becoming an estate agent or even being the first astronaut singer, the children featured in film carry aspirations bigger than can be imagined. But with the daunting statement that a child of less privilege will lower their sights by the age of 16, protecting their imagination is of the utmost importance. Electric Studios takes the lead on promoting Nike’s new kit which features all of these hopes and dreams on the signature green shades which have been associated with Grenfell Tower.


Image courtesy of Brothers and Sisters


“We got young people in the Grenfell community to draw their big dream for their life and it was designed onto the new kit, so that anyone wearing the shirt is carrying the dreams of their community,” commented Andy Fowler, founder and executive creative director at Brother and Sisters, and trustee of Grenfell Athletic.


Grenfell Athletic FC was conceived by community support worker Rupert Taylor and has received the support of several major businesses, including Nike, who provided the kit to Mercedes who in turn donate mini vans, and Cadbury whose bespoke designed Dairy Milk bars will be used to fundraise for the community.


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