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Richard Lawson premiers Black Terror at Pavillon Afrique

Director Richard Lawson sat on a panel yesterday at Pavilion Afrique of the Cannes Village International to premiere Black Terror. The screen adaptation of Richard Wesley’s play follows a group of freedom fighters who face conflicting avenues towards securing their liberation.

“I want the film to be exposed to an international market because the African American experience in this film is a subject that affects many cultures of the world,” Lawson commented.


Image courtesy of Pavillon Afrique


50 years ago, Richard Wesley stage production Black Terror raised a conversation on the various routes for revolution against social oppressions. Lawson’s adaptation sees the newly named Black Comrades, a squad of revolutionaries who aim to unshackle their people. The presence of the film at Cannes this year is statement to, although the original story was written 50 years ago, the themes still remain relevant. Lawson is joined by his wife Tina Knowles-Lawson, who takes on the role as executive producer.


On the Q&A panel moderated by Rodney Charles, Lawson was joined by lead actor Tobias Truvillion. Award winning actor Truvillion has featured in a host of projects, including NBC Peacock’s spinoff The Best Man Final Chapters and in BET+’s The First Wives Club starring across form Jill Scott and Deborah Cox. His previous experience led to him being nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series at the NAACP Image Awards.


“When we consider that America is at a tipping point in relation to the African American experience in this country, it is imperative that we as Black people have to take responsibility for our own destiny,” Lawson added. “We have to rehabilitate our communities through our own self-determinism.  We have to understand that revolution has to be fiscal, political, social and spiritual in nature. We have to reengineer the way we see ourselves. We have to reimagine our blackness. It is on us, not anyone else.”

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