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Records broken and boundaries pushed in new Slash Dynamic project

In a campaign for Triumph motorcycles, Slash Dynamics captured the record breaking feat of Iván Cervantes as he set out to ride a motorcycle for the greatest distance in 24 hours. Directed by Konrad Begg alongside director of photography Tim Boydell, the project was led by BBC Studios.


From light to dark and rainy conditions along the way, motorcyclist Cervantes took on one of the most challenging adventures by riding a motorcycle the farthest distance than anyone in history within a 24 hour time span. Taking place on 22 April at the Nardò Technical Centre in Italy, creative production studio Slash Dynamics spearheaded the capturing of the Guinness World Record breaking achievement highlighting not only the stamina and perseverance of the rider but the reliability of his vehicle of Triumph Motorcycles.


Image courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles


Cervantes is a 5 time Enduro World Champion and 21 times Spanish Enduro Champion making the his recent record a no brainer of an attempt to add to his roster of accolades. Riding the Tiger 1200 GT Explorer of the Triumph range, Cervantes was able to travel more than 4012 km in 24 hours which beat the previous record of 3406 km. The distance travelled was the equivalent of travelling from London to the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Well versed in navigating awe worthy terrains and immersing the viewer in the experience of the many motor vehicle centred projects he has worked on, Begg has worked with top brands such as Ferrari and Land Rover. Alongside his creative partner Boydell who has much of the same out of this world experience working on projects such as the David Beckham lead Maserati campaign and Honda marine.


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