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Anna Valley launches new multi purpose studio

Providing a facility of professional standards for filming in London, Anna Valley announced the launch of their new black box studio. In competition with the surge of studio facilities being built in and around London, the new complex will provide a space for virtual events, film, television, and virtual production. Once the home to a broadcast shopping channel, the space will feature five stages.



“The guiding principle behind Anna Valley Studios is versatility – our aim is to provide media and entertainment, commercial and event clients access to professional studio space that can be customised to suit their purpose and budget,” says Anna Valley managing director, Pete Jones.  “And, because our team and technology are on-hand and effectively under the same roof, it’s really easy for us to enhance these spaces with the equipment needed for each project – ensuring that our clients only pay for the tech they need.”



Following the use of their headquarters as a virtual production and event studio space during the pandemic, Anna Valley Studios was born. With a still existent demand for affordable studio spaces in London, the studios spaces will provide a budget friendly, sound proof facility that can cater to all kinds of projects regardless of size of financing. Located on the same block as their West London situated headquarters, the five studio spaces on offer, which includes four  conventional studios and a fifth stage for corporate presentations, can be adapted to fit all needs from media to entertainment, commercial to event clients.



In addition to the studio space, the complex will also provide supporting infrastructure such as green rooms, dressing rooms, a dining area, as well as a number of customisable spaces that can be used as galleries, control rooms or production offices. Located in close proximity to the Anna Valley headquarters, those who partake in the studio space are able to has a one stop solution for their production needs from technological resources filming facilities. While the supporting spaces are being refurbished for official opening this month, the studios are available for hire.


Images courtesy of Anna Valley


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