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Australia launches new industry guild

The Australian Location Managers Guild (ALMG) launched last month with a website promoting the efforts and skills of the location department in bringing projects to screen. As the local industry continues to change over the years, the new ALMG is intent on catering to the growing production demand in Australia, falling on the backbone of its country wide connections and representation across states.


ALMG President Elizabeth commented: “Our department plays a special role when it comes to production attraction, and the value that a location brings to the look of a screen project, as well as the successful management of crews working with communities and public spaces should not be underestimated.”


APDG Business Manager Rebecca Whittington stated : “The Australian Production Design Guild is looking forward to collaborating with the ALMG to build a stronger and more  vibrant community within the Australian screen industry.”


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Formed in March of this year, the ALMG aims to raise the profile of the location management in the industry, developing opportunities for professionals in locations and brining exposure of such roles to the wider community. Still in its early days, the guild are currently in the process of inviting locations department professionals, building an experienced and well-connected network to combat the growing demand in the production space in Australia. With the Federal Government’s 23/24 budget highlighting the increase of the location offset to 30%, alongside the Screen Australia’s initiative to support and train professionals particularly in the locations department, the ALMG comes at an apt time.


Built on a foundation of collaboration, the ALMG will work amongst all the states, with Queensland representative Naysan Sinave stating that ALMG can be “a way for productions to have access to Locations personnel that know what they’re doing, to ensure that we can return to familiar locations, and strike out for new ones with confidence and professionalism.” Former director and cinematographer Mark Evans brings a wealth of industry experience to his role as vice president of the ALMG. Still an active presence as a committee member of the South Australian branch of the Australian Cinematographer’s society (ACS), Evans is certain in the new organisation’s potential for growth, with experience witnessing the 30 year long success of the ACS.


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