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Sheba and Kuleana join forces to save the coral reef

Cat food brand Sheba and local Hawaiian organisation Kuleana Coral are working together to restore coral reefs damaged by human impact. In a commercial produced by AMV /BBDO, a team of fishermen who work with Kuleana set out to breathe life back into the dead reefs in a hope to bring back the colour and sea life to the coastal habitats.

Diving deep, the commercial exposes the dull and lifeless coral reefs that have been left behind and leached of life as a result of high levels of human activity. Fisherman and Kuleana co-founder Alika Garcia speaks of a past where the underwater world was bursting with life, but in his profession, he was privy to the subtle changes that were taking place. 


"More coral means more fish, and more fish helps maintain marine ecosystems here in Hawai`i, and around the world," said Alika Garcia, co-founder of Kuleana Coral Reefs. "We're happy to be working together with the SHEBA brand to maximize our impact in the archipelago. By protecting coral, we're protecting our family."


Alongside his co-founder and fellow fisher Danny Demartini, Garcia and the organisation’s passionate team take a head first approach to rectifying the sad case by replanting broken coral and giving it the opportunity to grow once again. In breathtaking diving scene capturing Garcia travelling to the once vibrant habitats, viewers get an up close and personal experience of life below land and what has been lost. Accompanying the clips, creative sounds branding agency DLMDD developed an original soundtrack in collaboration with composer Nick Crofts.


Sascha Darroch-Davies, co-founder of DLMDD, commented, “The Sheba project was a joy to work on, collaborating with our agency partners at AMV/BBDO and the brilliant composers to create an inspirational and uplifting soundtrack. The original score is designed to highlight the importance of restoring and preserving the world’s coral reefs, to support nearly 500 million people globally who rely on reefs for food, income and coastal protection.”



Images courtesy of Sheba 


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