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McDonalds is the star of the show in new campaign

Promoting their As Featured In meal, McDonald’s are showcasing their many on screen references. Teasing a brief video on X teasing a Loki collaboration on 7 August, the fast food chain extended their campaign roll out with an extended clip showing Loki and Sylvie meeting once again, this time in an unexpected environment.



From The Fifth Element  to Clueless, McDonald’s recent campaign shows the irresistibility of their classic menu items. As infamous characters from across the globe gush about their favourite meal deals or indulge in them on screen, the campaign shows how the fast food brand has rooted itself in culture. The Wieden+Kennedy New York led project concludes with its list of features from nostalgic memories such as their competitor McDowell’s in Coming to America, to Michael Scotts Fillet O’ Fish obsession in The Office.



Morgan Flatley, global chief marketing officer and head of new business ventures at McDonald’s, stated: “It’s not only our real-life fans who have a go-to order... for decades, our favorite movie and TV characters have, too. The As Featured In Meal is our biggest Famous Order yet, celebrating the most memorable McDonald’s references across the world of entertainment.”



With the upcoming season 2 set to release on 6 October through Disney+, McDonald’s have been teasing their collaboration with the mischievous Asgardian, revealing their Loki-branded Sweet and Sour sauce in a follow up advert. Away from their inter galactic adventures, Loki finds himself in the familiar walls of McDonald’s where he comes face to face with Loki variant Sylvie, who is working in the restaurant. Joined by Mobius, who insists on getting an apple pie before leaving, the season 2 adventures of Loki are expected to see an extended visit to the fast food restaurant.


Images courtesy of McDonald's 


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