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New Deliveroo campaign bursts with colourful animations

Stinkfilms London directors WATTS have created a colourful, immersive world of treats and quirky characters for the newest stint for Deliveroo. Created with the use of a real life miniature set, the vibrant commercial is multidimensional in its use of animation. The StinkFilms production was created with creative agency Pablo.



From pizza to ramen, Deliveroo promises that whatever is desired is right around the corner, and their newest commercial reflects that. Set in the real life miniature neighbourhood, captured by the custom built rigs to capture every angle, building are topped with the treats provided through the food delivery service. As an animated Deliveroo bike rider zooms through psychedelic tunnels to their next customer, animated characters are seen indulging in their orders at every turn.



The contrast between the real life elements of the projects and the out of this world animations creates a tether between reality and an individual’s wildest imagination. The possibilities are evidently endless for Deliveroo, as the main character travels through the endless variations of restaurants and off into a candy coated sunset. That sentiment travels to the real world as reality takes over from the animated world but the enjoyment for the food still remains.



The directing duo are no strangers to colourful and eclectic projects, bringing the vibrancy to works for KFC, LEGO, Barclays and McDonald’s. Alongside the directing high school sweethearts were executive producer Andrew Levene, producer, Charlottle Jones, 1st AD James Sharpe , DOP Joe Douglas, and many more.



Images courtesy of StinkFilms 


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