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Advertorial: LITES WATER STAGE is lifting, tilting and submerging film sets.

Lites offers custom built floating platforms that can hold up to 30 tonnes of set. Exterior boat decks or interior sets can float, rock on the waves, tilt 90°, capsize, and sink underwater while offering full safety for the people on the platforms.


LITES STUDIOS in Brussels includes large hi-tech sound stages and LITES WATER STAGE, the most advanced interior water studio on the planet.


The water stage is a fully controlled environment, with a surface of 1.450m² (15.600ft²) and a height of 14.5m (47 ft). Water temperatures remain at a permanent 32°c, allowing consecutive working days of 10 hours.


TILTING deck for ESTONIA – Fisher King Production – Beta Film


The stage can be flooded for surface shoots offering a water surface of 1300 m² (14.000 ft²), as well as XL backgrounds available in black, white, blue , and green.


The deep tank of 24m x 21m ( 78 x 69 ft) has a depth up to 10m50, allowing XL views and ultra-wide camera angles. One side of the tank is curved, offering an underwater infinity. Sets can be built dry on the moveable floor and then submerged, reducing the time and cost of preparations, and two large gantry cranes lift boats and sets up to 25 tonnes.


Large waves, rain, mist, water currents, wind, water cannons, dump tanks with 18 Tons of water are standard equipment at LITES WATER STAGE. These remote controlled SFX allow safe work, handled with a compact sized crew.



By using an oversized filtration system, the water look and visibility can be defined and fully controlled for continuity, from clear to very dirty.

Wim Michiels is the inhouse underwater cinematographer who helps developing the water shoots, combining filming skills and water experience. A full crew of technical water specialists are available for the water work.


submerged & tilted interior set for ESTONIA



Water safety coordinator Karen Jensen leads the safety team., assisting the 1AD on set and training actors for underwater work. Lites offers all wet and dry camera equipment, lighting equipment, communication and diving equipment including huge skylight RGBWW of 18m x 21m.


Belgium offers tax incentives and regional incentives that can make international co-production very attractive.


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