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CineRegio launches Manifesto for Sustainable Filming at Berlin International Film Festival

CineRegio, a network of regional film funds in Europe, launches today their Manifesto for Sustainable Film, as well as a commitment to social impact at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. As of today, 24 members of CineRegio have signed the manifesto, including Film London and Screen Brussels Fund. In addition to social impact and mental health,the new manifesto will consider environmental impact, building on the network’s Green manifesto which has been signed by 45 members.


Image courtesy of Romain Dancreby Unsplash


Charlotte Appelgren, secretary-general at CineRegio, stated: “As environmental, social, and governance principles sweep across the film industry, we at CineRegio recognise the different speeds at which transformation and implementation unfold. The new CineRegio Manifesto is an important stepping-stone, and it's not the final destination. We must continue to strive for progress. From responsible waste management and energy efficiency to well-being and promoting diverse and inclusive workplaces, every step forward counts. Let’s keep the momentum going and work together for a brighter future for our industry and our planet.”


“We believe that environmental and social sustainability are interlinked and both need to be delivered side by side to ensure the well-being of crew and climate friendly production,” commented Daniela Kirchner, chief operating officer of Film London. “Film London is proud to sign the CineRegio Manifesto for Sustainable Filming. With over 20 members already having signed up today, we hope members from across Europe will sign up to pledge their support, making a commitment to visibly promote sustainable policies and means, and make them achievable for the film and television industry and its funding agencies.”


Of CineRegio’s current tally of 53 members the current signees of the new manifesto include:

  • Basque Government’s Culture Department, Spain
  • Canary Islands Film, Spain
  • Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, Spain
  • Ffilm Cymru Wales
  • Film & Cinema Culture Lower Austria, Austria
  • Film i Skåne, Sweden
  • Film i Väst, Sweeden
  • Film London, UK
  • Film Paris Region, France
  • Filmfonds Wien, Austria
  • IDM Film Commission Südtirol
  • Łódź Regional Film Fund, Poland
  • Krakow Film Fund, Poland
  • Mallorca Film Commission & Fund, Spain
  • MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Germany
  • MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Sardegna Film Foundation, Italy
  • Screen Brussels Fund, Belgium
  • Screen Scotland, UK
  • Tartu Film Fund, Estonia
  • Trentino Film Fund and Commission, Italy
  • Wallimage, Belgium
  • Zürcher Filmstiftung, Switzerland


Image courtesy of Romain Dancre by Unsplash

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