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Director Dave Meyers captures Burna Boy for G Star commercial

Music artist Burna Boy has been named as the newest brand ambassador for G Star. Titled On Form, the commercial is set to the signature Afro-fusion music style of the Nigerian born artist, featuring a host of dancers choreographed to the track moving around London. Award-winning film director Dave Meyers takes the helm of the project with help of creative agency The Family Amsterdam.



Set to the backdrop of the city of London, On Form is shows the contagiousness of movement as the dancers pop in and out of frame, banging on car hoods, taking over piazzas and even carrying the energy into their homes. The staccato movements of the dancers match with the rigidity not only known for by the denim brand, but also associated with the corporate nature of the city. This is juxtaposed with the rich Afro inspired beats.


Director Dave Meyers takes the lead on the project. With 20 years of experience, Meyers has brought to life the videos of artists such as Missy Elliot and Kendrick Lamar. In addition to his work in music videos, Meyers has also had his time working with in the commercial world, as well as recently writing producing and directing JLo’s 2024 film This is Me Now. Past G Star creative collaborators The Family Amsterdam also returned for the new campaign.



On the global campaign, G Star commented: "Our connection goes beyond fashion. It's about pushing boundaries and embracing authenticity. So, why not ride the wave with G-Star? It's a match made in denim heaven."


Filled with signature Afro-fusion energy of Burna Boy, the newest commercial from G Star features the artist clad in the denim look synonymous with the brand. Taking over from Snoop Dogg and Cara Delevigne, Burna Boy has taken over as brand ambassador for the brand, brining a whole new dimension. The commercial makes use of a black and white aesthetic, fitting the form of past campaigns from the brand, orchestrated by fashion photographers Anton Corbijn and Ellen von Unwerth.


Images courtesy of G Star


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