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Super Bowl celebrity takeover

From a Christopher Walken impersonation to a multimillion dollar Beyonce spot, this year’s Super Bowl festivities bought a multitude of familiar faces to the televisions all across America. Known for their celebrity cameos, the 2024 Super Bowl commercial rollout enlisted the help of many trusted agencies and production companies such as Hungryman Inc, Special Project USA and Oglilvy to uphold the reputation of the limited time slots.


Image courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts


Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Lopez returned for their Dunkin Doughnuts spot, this time bringing with them Matt Damon and Tom Brady for the comical stint. Hoping to break into his wife’s musical field, Affleck enlists the help of what he calls the “Boston Massacre” consisting of Brady and Damon, to craft a track called Dunkings. The project is brought by creative agency Artists Equity, led by co-founders Affleck and Damon. Under the agency, they have contributed to two other Dunkin’ Doughnuts productions titled Dunkin’ Ice Spice and Dunkin’ Drive Thru, as well as Air based on the iconic shoe deal between Nike and basketball star Michael Jordan. 


Affleck and Lopez were not the only couple to take over the Super Bowl, as David and Victoria Beckham poked fun at their meme worthy moment from Netflix special Beckham. The Uber Eats commercial from agency Special Group USA also features a host of familiar faces who have somehow forgotten key moments from their lives to remember something else. Amongst the star studded line up are Friends stars Jennifer Aniston David Schwimmer and Super Bowl Halftime show headliner Usher. 


Image courtesy of Uber Eats


Whilst many were engrossed with the tense match up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, it is understandable that attention was detracted for the 30 second Verizon commercial featuring elusive star Beyoncé. Oglilvy took the lead on the much anticipated commercial, which speculations have estimated paid out a hefty USD 30 million for the singer’s appearance. Like the changing format that Super Bowl commercials have taken on over the years, hype was built up with two teasers which featured some clues alluding to Beyoncé’s appearance including a lemonade stand, the mirrored horse featured on the Renaissance album and a closing snippet of her single “My House”.


Image courtesy of Verizon 



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