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Apple TV premieres star studded comedy Palm Royale

Apple Studios Palm Royale made its much anticipated debut on 20 March. Available for streaming on Apple TV+, the series follows Maxine Simmons as she attempts to break into Palm Beach high society. Loosely based on the Juliet McDaniel novel Mr and Mrs American Pie, the series is written, executive produced and show-run by Abe Sylvia.



Emmy and Academy Award nominee Kristin Wiig takes on the role of Maxine Simmons in Palm Royale, attempting to cross over into the elitist high society of Palm Beach. Alongside Wiig is a star studded ensemble cast including Oscar and Emmy winners Laura Dern and Allison Janey, Ricky Martin, Josh Lucas, Leslie Bibb, Amber Chardae Robinson, Mindy Cohn, Julia Duffy and Kaia Gerber, with guest stars including Bruce Dern and Carol Burnett.



With filming taking place in a number of Los Angeles locations and at Stage 14 of Paramount Studios to recreate the authenticity of the Palm Beach aesthetic and energy, with aerials and wide shots captured on location in Palm Beach. Set in Palm Beach, 1969, the dressing up of LA as Palm Beach tapped into the candy coloured pastels synonymous with the era featuring yellow fringe pool parasols, paisley printed dress and bubble gum pink accents at every turn. The similar sunny conditions of LA were an added bonus to bring the Florida coastal town to life.



Facilitated by production designer and set decorator Ellen Reade, the Palm Beach aesthetic is married with the need for a fictional world. Bringing locations of real life together, such as The Everglades Clun and The Bath & Tennis Club, an exaggerated version of Palm Beach was created. This was helped by the used of stage builds, with many exteriors created and shot at The Ebell of Los Angeles.




Alongside Abe Sylvia as executive producer for Aunt Sylvia’s Moving Picture Company, the series is executive produced by Laura Dern and Jayme Lemons for Jaywalker Pictures, Kristen Wiig, Katie O’Connell Marsh, Tate Taylor and John Norris for Wyolah Films, Sharr White, Sheri Holman and Boat Rocker. The series is directed by Taylor and Sylvia alongside Claire Scanlon and Stephanie Laing.



Images courtesy of Apple TV+


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