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Just Eat introduces new characters for The Joy in Everyday campaign

Taking a step away from their celebrity centred campaign, Just Eat have enlisted the help of Wes Anderson style puppets to show the everyday nature of takeaways. In a series of short clips, the animals engage in the all too relatable habits of having a McDonald’s in bed or gathering with friends and enjoying Five Guys. The McCann London campaign was directed by the award winning Tim McNaugton of the Bobbsey Twins.



The newest UK based campaign for Just Eat is taking a step away from the musical and glitzy global campaign appearances from Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Latto and Christina Aguilera. In a more toned down and relatable move, The Joy in Everyday campaign showcases the convenience of the food delivery service, bringing together friends and family all in the name of a takeaway.


Whether its enjoying a Joe and the Juice Tunacado over squabbles about an outdated shirt or revelling in the convenience of a quick Sainsbury’s shop through the app, Just Eat is a go to for all in the roll out. For one clip, a mother fox enjoys a quick McDonald’s breakfast whilst her husband does the school run. Quickly shutting off the alarm jingle of the familiar “Did somebody say Just Eat” she giggles at her breakfast in bed, thrown off shortly after by her husband returning soon with croissants. In another household, a group of friends sat glued to the finale of their favourite show, too indisposed to go to the door and collect their ordered FiveGuys.



Alongside the real life scenarios, showcasing the many delivery option from Just Eat, real food was shrunken down in post to fit with the stop animation nature of the commercials. Developed by McCann London’s creative directors Matt Searle and Olly Wood, the series of clips were directed by Tim Mc Naughton of the Bobbsey Twins. For the creation of the puppet characters, renowned Art Model Studio and Tristan Oliver took the lead, known for their work on Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs.



Images courtesy of Just Eat 


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