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Knorr says no more to bitter tastes with Super Cube campaign

Knorr’s Super Cube campaign is allowing food consumers to understand their taste palettes a bit more. Developed by Weber Shandwick in Germany, Sweden and the UK, the campaign stars a group of labelled “picky eaters” with a particular sensitivity to bitter flavours. The potential new product encourages people in Sweden to get tested for the trait that causes this, and promotes how the Super Cube can remedy it.



In a three minute long film, made in partnership with Swedish filmmakers Tally Ho, Knorr is promotes how their potential new product, which can launch as early as next yearIn the online campaign that first took over Knorr’s social media profiles, a group of individuals are tested for the TAS 2R38 gene.


With the positive result, they are then interviewed about their experiences with being labelled as picky eaters, as well as the foods that they least enjoy eating due to the bitterness. Featuring interviewees of all ages, Knorr highlights how wide spread the impact of having this gene is, all the more emphasising the need for their new product. The campaign also promotes how people in Sweden can apply to have these test strips that will also allow them to know if they have the gene.





After concluding a study, Weber Shandwick found that 73% participants were unaware that they had a gene, TAS 2R38, that made them more sensitive to bitter flavours in food such as broccoli, kale, spinach and cabbage. Claiming that a quarter of the population are born with this gene, Knorr set out to find a way to remedy this.


With their potential new product, the Super Cube, the Unilever seasoning brand claim that with the addition of their stock cube to recipes including these bitter foods, the population of “fussy eaters”, now known as “super tasters”, will not be as affected by the taste.



Alongside this campaign was an influencer led project that saw the Swedish online celebrities sent superstar taste-test kits to see if they or their families had the gene. The Swedish public could also order their own kits through the supertaster.se campaign page.


Image courtesy of  Knorr



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