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Advertorial: Shooting in Spain wants to make it easy for you

The audiovisual industry is considered a strategic sector in Spain since the government launched the 'Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe' Plan in 2021. From then on, the public business entity ICEX-Invest in Spain has strengthened its support for the internationalisation of the country's audiovisual sector through its brand Shooting in Spain. Throughout 2024, it will be present in more than twenty international markets and events to inform about the advantages that make Spain a highly competitive destination for hosting international filming and establishing any screen-based business operations.



To promote this unprecedented deployment of Shooting in Spain, this year the campaign Making it easy for you has been launched, reflecting the proactive attitude and personalised support service for business development for those who bet on Spain, a unique territory that offers numerous advantages. These include legal certainty, attractive tax incentives (which can reach 60% and 54% in regions such as the Basque Country and the Canary Islands, respectively), fast-track for obtaining work visas, highly experienced and talented crews, first-class sustainability standards and infrastructures, the application of cutting-edge technology, and one of the world’s greatest diversities of climate and  landscapes.



One of the key tools of this Plan to promote and position Spain globally is the Spain Audiovisual Bureau (#SpainAVSBureau), a one-stop shop that offers assistance and support to foreign investors and companies wishing to develop their audiovisual ventures in Spain. Since the start of its activity in 2022, nearly a thousand companies have already received assistance as part of this service, which serves as a gateway to Spain Audiovisual Hub website, the central source of all information on Spain's audiovisual industry.



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