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Supacell brings the superheroes of South London to Netflix

Rapman’s highly anticipated sci-fi story Supacell hit Netflix on 27 June. Set in South London, the series follows the lives of five ordinary locals who develop unexpected superpowers. The six episode series stars Tosin Cole and Adelayo Adedayo as the shows leads. Rapman will serve as director on the series as well as executive producer alongside Anna Ferguson and Steve Searle for Netflix.



Five ordinary South Londoners find their lives changed one day as they figure out they each have a set of superpowers. Whilst Michael, Andre, Rodney, Tayo and Sabrina only have contact initially through a series of chance encounters, each super character finds commonality through their own personal relationships with Sickle Cell. In turn the superhumans possess the supacell gene which results in them being targeted by a hidden organisation kidnapping and exploiting the individuals.


From South London himself, director and writer Rapman (Andrew Onwubolu) was adamant on having the series set in his home town. Known for his work on Blue Story and viral short film series Shiro’s Story, Rapman work on Supacell brings a new genre dynamic to South London. From Brixton High Street to Rye Lane, South London was front and centre for filming, facilitated by the local film offices.



Offering backdrops for The Inbetweeners and Skyfall, Lewisham has long been a favoured destination for filming. Filming location in the area included Deptford High Street making an appearance in the opening episode, Giffin Square with Deptford Lounge doubling as a Job Centre and atmospheric streets such as Bolina Road.


“Lewisham Film Office, managed by The Film Office is committed to ensuring Lewisham welcomes filming so that the borough and its residents enjoy the economic and social value benefits filming brings,” commented Lewisham Film Office managing director Dominic Reeve-Tucker. “Supporting homegrown talent and facilitating filming that captures and promotes the borough’s energy, personalities and culture to a global audience validates the hard work put in. We look forward to welcoming them back in future series.”


Back in August 2022, Lambeth council welcomed Supacell, or to them at the time Midtown for just a day, but a packed one at that. The local film office facilitated several scenes in on Tunstall Road, Nursery Road and a low loader route around various Brixton roads. The most exciting for the local team was directly opposite Brixton Tube station where Rodney begins to gain control of his super speed.


“This scene, supported by a film crew of 40 personnel, witnessed a character ‘super speed’ into shot amidst a busy and bustling Brixton,” explained Lambeth council managing director Darren Butterfield. “The scene had its logistical issues given how busy the main road is with footfall and traffic, but it all worked out well on the day and the filmed result looks amazing and we believe places Brixton firmly on the filming locations world map. The other scenes on Nursery Road, and further up on Tunstall Road, involved driving and dialogue scenes on street with some of the main characters.  Again, logistically, this did present some challenges but with good planning, engagement with residents and some give and take all round, the scenes were undertaken without issue in what was a busy and full day for the film crew.  All of this required traffic management measures and parking suspensions and of course understanding from our local residents.”



Supacell is available to watch on Netflix now.


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