New Jersey; No formal incentive


Type of incentive
Qualifying formats
    Qualifying productions


      Benefit as a % of spend
      Financial cap per production-
      Do I have to register/set up a company?Yes
      Does foreign cast/crew paid in their home country/region qualify as expenditure? No
      Do foreign cast/crew have to pay tax in the host country/state/region? No
      Does travel to/from country/region qualify as expenditure? No
      Can a production qualify for other national incentives such as cultural programmes if it qualifies for this incentive? No
      Criteria to access the benefit
      • - Minimum percentage of the film that must be shot in the region: 60.00%
      When will the benefit/incentive be received?
        Additional incentives or advantages
        • - Certain tangible property used directly and primarily in the production of films and television programs is exempt from New Jersey's 7% sales tax. This tangible property includes the purchase of replacement parts for machinery, tools and other supplies, the purchase of lumber and hardware to build sets, the rental of picture cars, the purchase or rental of other types of props, and costs related to the repair of camera and lighting equipment.