Sweden: no formal incentive in place.


Type of incentive
Qualifying formats
  • - Feature film - fiction (theatrical)
  • - Feature film - documentary (theatrical)
  • - TV Film or TV series - fiction
  • - TV Film or TV series - documentary
  • - Commercials (TV, theatrical, online)
  • - Post production/special effects for film & tv (fiction)
  • - Post production/special effects for film & tv (non-fiction)
  • - Video/online gaming production
  • - Music videos
  • - Short films
  • - Training programmes
  • - Reality TV
  • - News, current affairs, panel discussion programming
  • - Public events/sports production
  • - Variety entertainment programming
Qualifying productions


    Benefit as a % of spend
    Financial cap per production-
    Do I have to register/set up a company?
    Does foreign cast/crew paid in their home country/region qualify as expenditure? No
    Do foreign cast/crew have to pay tax in the host country/state/region? No
    Does travel to/from country/region qualify as expenditure? No
    Can a production qualify for other national incentives such as cultural programmes if it qualifies for this incentive? No
    Criteria to access the benefit
      When will the benefit/incentive be received?
        Additional incentives or advantages
        • - Significant projects will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The Swedish Film Institute supports Swedish filmmaking, allocating grants for production, and distribution. Applicants must have a Swedish producer or be a company registered in Sweden. Alternatively, applications coming from non-Swedish producers may also be granted support on the condition that a Swedish co-producer provides a minimum of 20 % of the production costs, and that the Swedish contribution to the artistic team is considerable. Films in other languages than Swedish are accepted for support, where particular attention is paid to the nationality of the hired crew, location and other factors that promote Swedish film culture. The relationship between the Swedish artistic contribution and the financial investment must be fair.