Advance Support for Production


Type of incentiveFilm Fund
Qualifying formats
  • - Feature film - fiction (theatrical)
Qualifying productions
  • - National productions
  • - Co-productions


Benefit as a % of spend
Financial cap per production-
Do I have to register/set up a company?
Does foreign cast/crew paid in their home country/region qualify as expenditure? No
Do foreign cast/crew have to pay tax in the host country/state/region? No
Does travel to/from country/region qualify as expenditure? No
Can a production qualify for other national incentives such as cultural programmes if it qualifies for this incentive? No
Criteria to access the benefit
    When will the benefit/incentive be received?
      Additional incentives or advantages
      • - When support is applied for the Finnish part of international co-productions, the applicant must in addition to the aforementioned appendices to the application also deliver the following documents to the Foundation: ■ A cooperation contract or deal memo of all the production parties ■ A detailed budget for the Finnish producer's share ■ A detailed budget for the whole production ■ A financing plan for the Finnish producer’s share of the production ■ A financing plan for the whole production ■ A production plan for the Finnish producer’s share of the production The budget must cover all direct production costs up to the first release print, including a 7–10% reservation for contingencies. Indirect costs of the production company are included in the percentage reserved for administrative costs in the budget. This share cannot exceed 5% of the production costs and or the actual costs of the company as indicated in the bookkeeping. The reservation for contingencies and the percentage for administrative costs are calculated on the basis of the actual production costs (not including development costs). The reservation for contingencies as well as the percentage for administrative costs must be fully financed. The costs of the project are observed in the budget exclusive of VAT. If the recipient is verifiably not entitled to deduction of VAT, the VAT may be observed in the budget. The salaries of the production company’s permanent staff must be indicated in euro in the budget. Work carried out by the owner of the production company for the project is indicated in the budget as a fixed total compensation. The budget must also cover any production-stage marketing costs, such as publicity, PR and media expenses, and the preparation costs for the related promotional material listed in chapter 6 to be delivered to the Foundation. Compensation for the use of the producer’s own equipment cannot exceed 60% of the current rental rate. If the production costs of the film exceed EUR 500,000, advance support for production cannot be granted unless a production insurance covering the essential negative, person and equipment risks is taken out for the film project in question.