They call me Verner. Location Manager Chris Tangey relates working with the esteemed director in the Australian outback

There would be few Location Managers who aren’t used to working with big names, and that is true even here in the remote Australian outback. Another quirk of living here is that you have to not just Location Manage and Fix but even shoot, both on the ground and in the air.

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Filming in Fiji with Clayton Tikao

I arrived in Fiji, with only 13 days notice, to start work on the feature film Adrift directed and produced by the acclaimed director Baltasar Kormakur. I hadn’t seen the script and assumed we would be filming on a beautiful beach on some deserted island. All I actually knew was the name of the film and that it was based on a book about a ship wrecked sailor. My illusions of a mellow laid back shoot on a tropical island were quickly shattered and I had to hit the ground running.

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Local Line Producer Serhan Nasirli talks about filming in Turkey

Due to its historical links with both Asia and Europe, Turkey has always been a melting pot of civilisation. This is reflected in its locations and people. Perhaps this is why 157 foreign productions chose to shoot here in 2017 with a record 3370 location shoot days. It is so rich in shooting and casting opportunities you can only do it justice by visiting and seeing it with your own eyes.

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