Providing production services for commercials, music videos, still shoots, corporate videos, and feature films in North America and the Caribbean.

Member of PSN

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Los Angeles
State California
Country United States of America
Telephone (1 323) 645 3600
Skype eric_d_brown
Languages English
Trading since 2010
Contact Eric Brown - Executive Producer - Mobile: (1 310) 415 3742

Recent productions

Uniqlo \"24hr Jeans\" \"Wireless. Limitless\" \"Bratop\"
Director: Eiji Tanagawa
Producer: Jun Yoshikawa
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Japan
Year: 2017
Foot Locker / Adidas
Pulse Films,
Director: Ben Newman
Producer: James Sorton
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United Kingdom
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Wasa Be,
Director: Kaoru Haga
Producer: Kunihiko Fukumoto / Kay Ueda
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Japan
Toyota Corolla (w/Adam Levine)
Gumxie Ltd,
Director: Gong
Producer: Neng Jakrapon
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Thailand
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