North Finland Film Commission

North Finland Film Commission

Wild unspoiled nature and northern industrial milieus. Tundra and taiga forests. Frozen harbours and the Sun that never sets. In the middle of nowhere but still close and well-connected. Northern Finland offers unique settings for unique stories.
The North Finland Film Commission – NFFC acts as the first link to the local authorities and the film infrastructure in the area of Oulu, Kuusamo, Kajaani and Kokkola.

Finland's cash rebate of 25% in addition to regional and national funding schemes makes North Finland appealing filming location and NFFC warmly welcomes you to the Arctic North!

Classification Film Commissions
Type F C T D I P
Address Po Box 22
State (na)
Country Finland
Telephone (358 44) 703 7523
Skype annelaurilapoem
Languages English, Finnish
Trading since 2001
Contact Anne Laurila - Film Commissioner - Mobile: +358447037523

Recent productions

East of Sweden
Kaiho Republic,
Director: Simo Halinen
Producer: Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen
Type: Films
Country: Finland
Year: 2017
Silva Mysterium,
Director: Visa Koiso-Kanttila
Producer: Mika Ritalahti, Niko Ritalahti
Type: Films
Country: Finland
Year: 2016
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