Minnow 11 Productions

Minnow 11 Productions

Having roots in both the agency and brand sides of the business, as well as over 20 years experience in production gives us an unmatched knowledge of all facets fo pre-production, production, and execution worldwide.

Based on the North Shore of Oahu for over 20 yrs, we blend our gorgeous locations with our relentless hard-working dispositions. We don’t/won’t stop working until your project comes to fruition the way you want it!

We understand that every project’s needs are very different. We scale from small authentic campaigns to commercial production, depending on your needs

Our services include:
• tip to tail production / remote and/or live streaming - when clients can’t travel
• Covid 19 CDC & State of Hawaii compliance
• estimates/budgeting
• locations/scouting/permitting and management
• carnet & customs clearances
• air cargo accounts
• tax incentives and film credit
• crew and talent payroll

2019 Garety Award Winner for Excellence in the ‘Works for Good’ category.

Classification Production Companies
Type C I P
Address 59-199 Ke Nui Rd.
State Hawaii
Country United States of America
Website https://www.minnoweleven.com/
Telephone +1 (808)-783-5533
Skype Minnow11
Contact Lindsay McGill - Executive Producer/Owner
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