ViewFinders Kenya

ViewFinders Kenya

Fixers and filming agents operating in Kenya for the last 30 years, with associated colleagues in neighbouring countries, we facilitate for documentary film crews from all over the world, specialising in Wildlife and natural history film making. Over the years we have had the honor of being associated with Various award-winning productions. This year we have put together an excellent team of experienced local wildlife cameramen and guides to enable remote filming for crews that cannot travel to Kenya. Let us help you achieve your production deadlines.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type T D
Address PO Box 14098
State (na)
Country Kenya
Telephone +254 (71) 730-5750
Languages English, Kiswahili, Japanese, German
Trading since 1988
Contact Sajid Darr - Executive Director - Mobile: +254 (717) 305-750

Recent productions

African Cats
Disney Nature,
Director: Keith Scholey
Type: Films
Country: France
Born To Be Wild
3D Imax,
Director: David Douglas
Producer: Di Roberts
Type: Films
Country: United States of America
John Downer Productions,
Director: John Downer
Type: Documentaries
Country: United Kingdom
Bones Of Turkana
National Geographic,
Director: John Heminway
Type: Documentaries
Country: United States of America
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