Finnish Lapland Film Commission

Finnish Lapland Film Commission

Pristine Arctic beauty coupled with Film Friendly services. Frosty, pink skies of the magical Polar Night and the luxurious, rich Midnight Sun.

Lapland is the most connected wilderness in the Arctic. Lapland Film Commission and the dedicated Film Friendly network exist to bring your production above the ordinary.

The Finnish Lapland Film Commission’s mission is to promote the region as filming location, provide services to production teams and to develop local audiovisual and production service businesses. It’s our pleasure to help you to find the ideal location, partners and crew for your production. Depending on the scale and scope of your project, we provide location scouting support up to three days.

In addition to Lapland’s nature and it's possibilities, the local resources available have been praised skilled, efficient and flexible by visiting productions. In Lapland, even the most exotic shooting locations are surprisingly easy to access. Thanks to frequent flight connections and good road network, working here is both convenient and cost-effective.

The Film Friendly network covers a wide variety of service providers to cover every aspect of your production in Lapland. By choosing a Film Friendly company as your partner, we can ascertain high quality, timely service that meets your precise needs.

Classification Film Commissions
Type F C T D I P
Address Valtakatu 11
State (na)
Country Finland
Telephone +358 40 820 7575
Languages Finnish, English
Trading since 2007
Contact Anna Niemelä - Film Commissioner
Tosca Ramberg - Content creator
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