Wave Films

Wave Films

Wave Films was founded in 2012 by acclaimed German producer Jerry Koedding and has worked on numerous local and international productions. Jerry Koedding has produced more than 200 hours of highly-rated primetime TV content that has been broadcast across multiple countries. Mostly working in reality production, Wave Films has honed its skills in delivering high-quality content while being particularly budget-efficient and cost-effective.

The team behind Wave Films has also created the melodrama TV movie Nur Ainun, directed by Devarajan and produced by Jerry Koedding. Nur Ainun was one of the highest-rated movies of Singapore TV channel Suria in all of its history.

Wave Films has also recently launched a new online portal, Film In Singapore (http://www.filminsingapore.com), to promote Singapore as a filming location to foreign producers. We enable foreign producers to tell great stories in Singapore - about Singapore, like a documentary on Singing Birds for German-French TV channel ARTE, commercials for Finnair, or an architectural documentary about some of the stunning buildings in Singapore for BBC.

We are also proud members of AIPRO as well as subscribers to the Tripartite Standards for Media Freelancers ensuring the highest ethical standards and hiring policies.

Classification Production Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address 68 Circular Road, #02-01
State (na)
Country Singapore
Website www.wave-films.com
Telephone +65 (84) 999-643
Skype jerry.koedding
Languages English, German, Tamil, Tagalog, Chinese (Mandarin)
Trading since 2012
Contact Jerry Koedding - Producer - Mobile: +6584999643

Recent productions

The Next Great Impossible (Merck/Sigma-Aldrich)
Inspired Films,
Director: William Bloomfield
Producer: Matt Thomas, Louis Paltnoi
Type: Industry, corporate videos
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2021
SoliTales (Sanofi)
The Flying Producers / drcom,
Director: Greg Somerville
Producer: Shelley Mc Morror, Bruno Buglio
Type: Industry, corporate videos
Country: France
Year: 2021
Singvögel - Die goldenen Stimmen von Singapur
MedienKontor Movie GmbH,
Director: Cordula Stadter
Producer: Kerstin Walz
Type: Documentaries
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Finnair (Photo Shoot)
Director: Various
Producer: Jukka Valtanen
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
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