We believe it´s all about delivering excellent results by carefully listening to your requests and by asking the right questions. We always focus on our mission which is your project!

We serve you a RENTAL STUDIO.
No matter if white, green or black. No matter if brilliantly bright or (absolutely) dark.
Best coffee, drinks & silent office rooms. Best meals from a family-run Italian restaurant next door, or the friendly pizza boy.

We can serve you an ART DEPARTMENT which builds props, decorates sets & constructs anything - no matter if small, big or even gigantic. No matter if coloured, natural or just simply stunning.

But that’s still not all.
Our SERVICE PRODUCTION TEAM is taking care of your Production! - Promised!
location research, budgeting, crew recruiting, accommodation & catering, equipment, casting, transportation & logistics, accounting, & this & that & much more….
And if you want to live stream your project?
Yeeeah… we do that, too ;)

And the best part of it all?
One contact person, one Invoice with one total amount.
Guaranteed with local taxes & social security and 100 per cent flexibility and transparency. All delivered by the most experienced team you can find in southern Germany. That is what we stand for with our name :)
So get yourself someone that gets shit done.

We are Peach & Cherry Film Services

Classification Production Service Companies
Type C M D I P
Address Zettachring 12A
State (na)
Country Germany
Telephone +49 (711) 7207-5180
Languages German, English, Croatian, Serbian
Trading since 2014
Contact Alexander Pietzsch - Service Producer & Partner
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