ProKraft Africa

ProKraft Africa

ProKraft Africa ‘ProKraft’ is a service production company based in Nairobi, Kenya providing production support for TV, Film, and Advertising crews across the African continent. ProKraft has produced material for organizations such as Coca Cola, Conde Nast, Vice Media Group, Huawei, BAT, USAID, Total and Safaricom.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Suite 102 Blue Violets Plaza, Kamburu Drive
State Navarra
Country Kenya
Telephone +254 721 903-390
Skype peter.g.gitonga
Languages English, Kiswahili
Trading since 2013
Contact Peter Gitonga - Producer - Mobile: +254 700 895896

Recent productions

SWVL Brand Launch
ProKraft Africa,
Director: Thandiwe Muriu, Abdelrahman Sukar
Producer: Peter Gitonga
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Kenya
Year: 2019
Architectural Digest May 2021 - Naomi Campbell Open Door Episode
ProKraft Africa,
Director: James Pettigrew
Type: Documentaries
Country: Kenya
Year: 2020
i-D\\\'s Utopia in Dystopia Issue, no. 362, Spring 2021 (Naomi Campbell)
ProKraft Africa,
Director: Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Kenya
Year: 2020
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