Stockholm Production

Stockholm Production

With 13 years of experience we can supply you with a full range production service throughout all of Sweden and Scandinavia, with a focus on high-quality productions for film and stills.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type C I P
Address Sickla Kanalgata 52
120 68
State (na)
Country Sweden
Telephone (46 70) 750 2084
Languages English, Swedish
Trading since 2004
Contact Jörgen Lööf - Executive Producer - Mobile: (46 70) 750 2084

Recent productions

Volvo For Grey
Director: Benjamin Stockley
Producer: James Stewart
Type: Photo shoots
Country: China
Toyota Prius AOI Pro,
Director: Sadahiro Sonoda
Producer: Kunihiko Fukumoto
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Japan
Macy's NY With Walter Chin
Director: Walter Chin
Producer: Jonathan Carr
Type: Photo shoots
Country: United States of America
Rogue Films,
Director: Sam Brown
Producer: Charlie Crompton
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United Kingdom
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