El Camino Films

El Camino Films

El Camino Films is the first company specifically dedicated to production services in Uruguay. It was founded to offer first-class production support in South America for North American and European Clients.

El Camino Films is based in the charming southern capital of Montevideo (Uruguay) but also offers services for Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Our clients love our extensive experience shooting for the USA market place and the fact we deal directly with North American and European agencies. This has led to our superior production services for these markets.

We know first hand what your clients expect from you, so we commit our efforts in making your production in South America, as effortless as shooting in Los Angeles.

With more than 150 international commercials and a vast experience in features, El Camino Films stands out as one of the most respectable filming options with the greatest experience of Uruguay.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C D I P
Address Havre 2104
State (na)
Country Uruguay
Website www.elcaminofilms.com
Telephone (598 2) 600 1866
Fax (598 2) 604 0352
Skype andreselcaminofilms
Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese
Trading since 2004
Contact Nicolas Aznárez - Partner / EP - Mobile: (598 9) 941 7227
Andres Mailhos - Partner/ EP - Mobile: (598 9) 576 0668

Recent productions

RGCO: Stop The Chase
Director: David Tennant
Producer: Erik Wilson
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Canada
Carlsberg: La Revolution
Director: Oskar Bard
Producer: Anna Bergstrom
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Sweden
KFC: Bus
Director: Benito Montorio
Producer: Josh Barwick
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United Kingdom
Tony Petersen Film / Blink,
Director: Tomas Mankovsky
Producer: Fabian Barz
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Germany
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