New Mexico State Film Office

New Mexico State Film Office

The New Mexico State Film Office serves the film and television industry locally, nationally and internationally.

Our purpose is to market the state to this industry, service the productions and promote jobs for New Mexicans.

We offer many resources to producers, film crew and local filmmakers. We work diligently to assist productions with finding potential filming locations.

The State Film Office consults with productions regarding the financial aspects of their projects, guiding them through the incentives such as the 25% Refundable Film Production Tax Credit and the Film Investment Loan Program.

We connect productions with the crew, vendor services and film liaisons throughout the state.

In addition to promoting and providing production services, the film office is initiating emerging media opportunities for the state and working to expand industry infrastructure.

The support of New Mexican filmmakers is a priority for this division as is expanding the Statewide Film Liaison Network, promoting Educational Outreach and leading the state in the NM Film Tourism Initiative.

Classification Film Commissions
Address 1100 S Saint Francis Drive, Suite 1213
Santa Fe
State New Mexico
Country United States of America
Telephone (1 505) 476 5600
Fax (1 505) 476 5601
Languages English
Trading since 1968
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