Canary Islands Film

Canary Islands Film

The Canary Islands, the Spanish Archipelago visited annually by millions of tourists attracted by its ever spring climate and its unique landscapes, is currently living a peculiar phenomenon related to the audiovisual world by a growing number of producers who have chosen the islands as scenarios of their stories in these last years.

The reason that has aroused so much interest in shooting in the Canaries is undoubtedly, a tax incentive scheme with which few countries today can compete. A tempting option that allows deductions of up to 50% to the first million invested (and 45% for the rest) to both international productions and Spanish productions or co-productions; as well as many other advantageous tax options, like a 0% VAT for audiovisual productions and a 4% Income Tax Rate on the Canary Islands Special Zone.

But there are still other ingredients that make the Islands even more irresistible: the Archipelago meets all the requirements as a natural setting due to its mild climate, its more than 4,800 hours of sun light throughout the year and the contrast of its landscapes, notwithstanding being a leading tourist destination, gifted for that reason with proper hotel infrastructure and excellent air and sea connections, besides something that is key at the moment: security, among many other factors.

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Canary Islands
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Country Spain
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Languages English, Spanish
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