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Classification Location Managers
Type F C T D P
Address Tmn Hilton, Unit 18, Lrg 1, Jln Penampang
Kota Kinabalu
Country Malaysia
Telephone (60 12) 838 22 72
Regions covered Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Borneo, Timor-Leste, The Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea
Languages English, German, Malay, Indonesian
Trading since 2000

Recent productions

Judi Dench\'s Wild Borneo Adventure - ITV
Atlantic Productions,
Director: James Harvey Lilley
Producer: Anthony Geffen
Type: Documentaries
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2019
Earth at Night - AppleTV+
Offspring Films Ltd,
Director: Tom Richards
Producer: Tom Payne
Type: Documentaries
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2019
Paradise War - The Bruno Manser Story
A Film Company GMBH,
Director: Nicklaus Hilbert
Producer: Valentin Greutert
Type: Films
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2018
Extraordinary Journey / Channel 4
Postcard Productions Ltd,
Type: Documentaries
Country: United Kingdom
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