La Casa Films and Stills

La Casa Films and Stills

La Casa Films is a Production Service Company, founded in Chile, and based in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. Our company was founded in 2008, on the premise that every location where it is situated has a huge potential in the production service area.

The strength and uniqueness of the company reside in the fact that the partners are on the actual jobs, sweating the details, and making La Casa one of the service companies with the highest number of return clients in Latin America. It has become our mission that anyone who works with our company feels that they have had a satisfying and memorable production experience.

Since our companies beginning we have believed that what your customers say about you speaks louder than anything:

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Andres de Fuenzalida 99, Providencia
State (na)
Country Chile
Telephone (56 9) 9519 5562
Skype lacasafilms
Languages English, French, Spanish
Trading since 2008
Contact Axel Brinck - Mobile: (56 9) 9519 5562

Recent productions

Agency Wieden + Kennedy,
Director: Todd Mueller/ Kyllie Matulick
Producer: -
Type: Films
Country: Argentina
Samsung S9+
Director: Kyuha Kim
Producer: -
Type: Films
Country: China
Superbowl 84 Lumber
Director: Cole Webley
Producer: -
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Mexico
Nike Run Higher
Picture Farm,
Director: Petrovsky & Ramone
Producer: -
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Peru
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