Pose it

Classification Production Service Companies
Type P
Address Darwin 1154, Cuerpo A, First Floor E
Buenos Aires
State (na)
Country Argentina
Telephone (54 11) 4858 4600
Regions covered Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay
Languages Spanish, English, French
Trading since 2008

Recent productions

Director: Juan Mathe
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Canada
Cake Films,
Director: Sisso & Chouela
Type: Photo shoots
Country: France
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Atelier Management,
Director: Lorenzo Agius
Producer: Sebastien Robcis
Type: Photo shoots
Country: United States of America
Range Rover
Director: Nick Georghiou
Producer: Michael de Vries
Type: Photo shoots
Country: United Kingdom
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