Portugal Film Commission

Portugal Film Commission

Portugal offers a wide range of the most exquisite film locations, from natural landscapes to historic and contemporary architecture, with almost 300 days of sunshine per year that allow for year-round production.
Highly technical and artistically skilled crews with experience in film and TV productions as well as in high-end commercials, and studio and postproduction facilities are available throughout the country at very competitive rates.
The Portugal Film Commission offers a cash rebate of 30% for cinema, TV and VOD, with upfront payments in instalments and a decision within 20 working days. Portugal also has co-production treaties with more than 60 countries and a scouting programme with tailor-made scouting visits, as well as other financing programmes.
Contact us and find out even more reasons why you can’t skip filming in Portugal.

Classification Film Commissions
Type F C T D I P
Address Praça Bernardino Machado, 2
State (na)
Country Portugal
Website www.portugalfilmcommission.com
Telephone +351 (213) 230-802
Languages Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Trading since 2019
Contact Ana Cabeças - Project Officer
Manuel Claro - Film Commissioner
Filipa Magalhaes - Project Officer
Sandra Neves - Executive Director
Margarida Silva - Project Officer

Recent productions


Director: Ira Sachs
Producer: co-produced
Type: Films
Country: France
Year: 2019

Director: Tiago Guedes
Producer: co-produced
Type: Films
Country: Portugal
Year: 2019

Director: Gonçalo Waddington
Producer: Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar, Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo
Type: Films
Country: Portugal
Year: 2019

Director: João Nicolau
Producer: Sandro Aguilar
Type: Films
Country: Portugal
Year: 2019
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