New Zealand Film Connection

New Zealand Film Connection

The New Zealand Film Connection has been servicing international productions from around the world, since 2002. And as a country we have done well to get back to \' close to normal\' after Covid 19.

Executive Producer, Treza Gallogly, hails from a production background across agency, production company, and line production, bringing a wealth of experience to her Clients’ projects.

We work nation-wide, and are happy to do productions of all sizes – we will give you honest advice about how to best use your budget, and we happily pass on any discounts and savings we receive from regular equipment providers.

Our motto is to do the best work with the best people for the job.

And have some fun along the way!

We aim to bring jobs in on time, and on budget, working closely as a team with the producers and clients during the whole production process.

We can recreate nearly any corner of the world here in NZ, with diverse locations available within a relatively short distance.

We have the opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, and even in the middle of winter, you still get access to our grasslands, beaches, mountains, cities and all the other wonderful locations, as snow only falls on our higher ground.

While you can\'t currently come to Paradise yourself while our borders are closed, we can facilitate your next production, and have you and the clients viewing what we\'re shooting in close to \'real time\'. You can trust us to achieve a successful outcome for you and your Clients.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type C P
Address 2/233b Hillsborough Road
State (na)
Country New Zealand
Telephone +64 (21) 957255
Skype NZTreza (WeChat)
Languages English
Trading since 2002
Contact Treza Gallogly - Executive Producer - Mobile: (64 21) 957 255

Recent productions

Cummins Global Service and Support Video
Quantum Digital, UK,
Director: Daymon Britton
Producer: Jonny Swales
Type: Industry, corporate videos
Country: United Kingdom
HID Global ‘Beekeeping’ Video
HID Global, USA,
Director: Taylor Powell
Producer: Taylor Powell
Type: Industry, corporate videos
Country: United States of America
Telunsu TVC
Nice Shirt, UK / Balance Productions, China,
Director: Stuart Douglas
Producer: Henry Siao / Richard Martin
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United Kingdom
Telunsu TVC
Balance Productions, China,
Director: Alexander Paul
Producer: Henry Siao / Susanne Porzelt
Type: TV Commercials
Country: China
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