Central Studios

Central Studios

We are an integrated production company offering full-service studios, equipment rental, and production services. Operating for the past 10 years and conveniently located in the heart of Shanghai, we are your one-stop-shop to meet all your production needs.

Our studios located in a former sock factory is a raw industrial space and your blank canvas. An in-house bilingual team can ensure any equipment, art department, or casting needs can be met with your specific requirements.

We host many events and are well established among the fashion and creative community in Shanghai. Our convenient location and an amazing environment make us the ideal place for a variety of inspiring possibilities to create unforgettable experiences for visitors.

Whether working locally in Shanghai or beyond the studio walls on location in China or regionally, service is our primary focus ensuring we deliver the best production for your budget. Having produced content for some of the world’s most iconic brands we are always endeavouring to seek new and innovative forms of individual expression for our clients.

Our purpose at Central Studios is Do Good Production, which we believe shows in our long-term partnerships with repeat clients.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type C I P
Address 1st Floor Building 1, 751 South Huangpi Road
State (na)
Country China
Website www.centralstudios.cn
Telephone +86 (21) 6384-8088
Languages Mandarin, English
Trading since 2009
Contact Rodney Evans - Founder / CEO

Recent productions

Old Navy China Launch
Gap Inc,
Director: The Wade Brothers
Producer: Rodney Evans
Type: Photo shoots
Country: China
Director: Adam Pretty
Producer: Rodney Evans
Type: Photo shoots
Country: China
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