Location Agency The Location Bank

Classification Production Companies
Type F C M T I P
Address Binnen Kadijk 235
1018 ZG
Country Netherlands
Telephone (31 65) 364 7184
Regions covered World
Languages English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish
Trading since 1985

Recent productions

Mercedes SLC
Hard Drive Productions,
Director: Holger Wild
Producer: Volker Denks (line production Franck Hakkert)
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2015
Wella Trendvision SS 2017
Production Department Hamburg,
Producer: Ivo Boderke
Type: Photo shoots
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2016
Rolls Royce Ghost II Series

Type: Photo shoots
Country: Belgium
Voestalpine: Carparts

Type: Industry, corporate videos
Country: Austria
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