Burning Blue

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F T D
Address Avenida Cr 24, 41-88 Office 502
State (na)
Country Colombia
Telephone (57 30) 0553 3853
Regions covered Colombia, Latin America
Languages Spanish, English
Trading since 2010

Recent productions

La Tierra Y La Sombra
Burning Blue,
Director: Cesar Acevedo
Producer: Jorge Forero/ Diana Bustamante
Type: Films
Country: Colombia
Year: 2015
Burning Blue,
Director: Jorge Forero
Producer: Diana Bustamante/ Paola Perez
Type: Films
Country: Colombia
Burning Blue Campo Cine,
Director: Diego Lerman
Producer: Nicolas Avruj
Type: Films
Country: Colombia
El Vuelco Del Cangrejo: Crap Trap
Contravia Films,
Director: Oscar Ruiz Navia
Producer: Diana Bustamante/ Oscar Ruiz Navia
Type: Films
Country: Colombia
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