Because Production Services

Because Production Services

Why? Because you want to shoot in Switzerland and get the best services, provided by committed people in amazing locations! Because we will serve our project as if it was ours and make sure you get the best deals, the best crew and get the pictures you want to be done. We are highly experienced in commercials, photo shootings, feature films & documentaries. Check out our website to get to know who you will be working with!

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Rue de la Clergère 2
State (na)
Country Switzerland
Telephone (41 21) 923 6363
Skype nico_zen
Languages English, French, German, Swiss-German, Italian
Trading since 1996

Recent productions

Franklin Covey Geneva
Kaleidoscope Pictures,
Director: Ethan Vincent
Producer: John Foss
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United States of America
Falso Brilhante
TV Globo,
Director: Pedro Vasconcelos de Brito Pereira
Producer: Isabel Ribeiro
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: Brazil
Microsoft / Sensefly
BLK OPS Productions,
Director: David Palmer
Producer: Gary Romano
Type: TV Commercials
Country: United States of America
3T Productions,
Director: Nikita Mikhalkov
Producer: Leonid Vereschagin
Type: Films
Country: Russia
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