PSP Production Portugal, Spain & Malta

PSP Production Portugal, Spain & Malta

PSP is a leading player in production services, creating amazing experiences for the international community.

PSP was established in 2000 and offers full production services for commercials, stills, music videos and film production in Portugal, Madeira, Azores and Malta.

Our Mission is to offer creative solutions for your production needs.

This is what makes the difference:

Portugal & Spain largest, most versatile location library.
All bid responses within 12 hours.
A company with green credentials.
Service Excellence.

We offer filmmakers amazing local production conditions, flexibility and a trustworthy partnership.

That's probably why our clients keep coming back with more projects. Or could it be because they love the food, people, weather as well as the locations?

We enjoy each production.

You will feel it on set. We believe that happy people work harder and with better results.
Don't you?

Represented by APA

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C P
Address Central Business Centre, Level 1, Suite 2, Mdina Road
State (na)
Country Malta
Skype pspportugal
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian
Contact Patricia Lino - Mobile: +351 (91) 661-8020
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